Catering Tips

Catering services is an integral part of any party or event. Food and drink may be the very reason a person attends an event. Whether it is business, social, fundraising, or a wedding the catering service can add the elegance, style, theme, and feel to your special event plans.

Choosing the right caterer is extremely important so here are some tips to help you with that selection:

  1. Select a caterer that has the time to discuss your event, listen to your plans and needs, and provides a positive  experience for you.
  2. Verify that your caterer is a professionally licensed and insured company. If you require bar services make sure they hold the proper permits to serve alcohol.
  3. Make sure your caterer provides you with a written contract specifying your agreement.
  4. Decide your budget ahead of time before you meet with your caterer. This allows you to present a clear understanding to the caterer regarding your budgetary needs. Be open minded to new ideas if your budget is at all flexible.
  5. Discuss with the caterer what things they will provide and what things you will be responsible for. Catering services widely vary so it is important to understand what is part of the catering service and what is not.
  6. Insure that you have contact information for your caterer. This will come in handy if something unusual or unexpected happens and you need to speak with someone right away.
  7. Discuss menus and menu options with your caterer. Don’t be afraid to specify what you want.
  8. Ask if the pricing you receives includes tax and gratuity. If not, inquire to understand the percentage of tax and gratuity that is charged.

Finding the perfect caterer is not as difficult as it may appear when done properly. First and foremost, you need to feel at ease and feel good about your caterer! After all, it is not only the guests and the special occasion that leaves a lasting memory for everyone attending; it is also the caterers and how well the food tastes and is presented.

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