Tips on Alcohol Catering at an Event

When it comes to alcohol and catering events the choices are not always clear. This is a guide to safely hosting an event and having alcohol on the premises. Learn the difference between an open bar and a hosted bar for instance. The correct way to have alcohol at a catering event is to hire a company that is not only licensed but one that is experienced. Crystal Rose Catering fulfills both those requirements.

Is Alcohol Allowed on the Premises?

Crystal Rose Catering has the Alcohol Beverage license for The Rose Center and offers full bar services. No alcohol may be brought into the building. An exception is made for wine which is charged a corkage fee.

Bar Set Up

Crystal Rose Catering provides full bar set up. There is a set up charge, however, this fee is waived when the bar is hosted for a minimum amount.

Cash or No Host Bar

A cash bar is when the guests pay for their own drinks.

Open or Hosted Bar

This type of bar is paid for by the client and the guests do not pay for their drinks.
Limited Bar

A limited bar establishes what is being served. For example, a limited bar may be beer and wine only. You decide what you want served.